The engine enamel you have purchased from POR-15 is different from all other engine enamels on the market. Compare ours to any other you have used, and you will find that it covers better, has superior depth and clarity, brilliant colour and gloss. You can do an entire engine with just one 475ml can. One coat is all you need apply, and no primer is required. Just be sure your engine is clean and grease-free before painting.  Choose from Blue or Medium Blue.

POR 15® Rust Preventive Paint stops rust and corrosion permanently. It is unlike any other paint coating you have used before. It's surface tolerant characteristics means it loves corroded and porous surfaces like rust, corroded aluminium, sandblasted surfaces, fibreglass and even concrete. It will seal them with with a ceramic like, rock hard finish that won't crack, chip or peel. POR 15® Rust Preventive Paint's secret lies in it's curing process, unlike ordinary paints POR 15® Rust Preventive Paint cures by drawing moisture from within the metal and the atmosphere. Paint on by hand, cures through the process of solvent evaporation through pores(that's why you can smell a paint job for weeks). Those same pores allow microscopic amounts of air and moisture to gradually reach the surface of the painted metal

Brilliant Aluminium Capable of withstanding 760 C (1400 F). Brilliant Aluminium is also extremely weather, salt and moisture resistant. It helps prevent cracking, chipping and peeling. This is the most brilliant, uniform, heat resistant coating available.
Brush it on or thin to spray. Also available in Black Velvet, Manifold Grey and Hot Gold

Now you can spray anything you want - anywhere you want, and you don't need spray equipment. This preval sprayer will spray two packs, single packs, clear coats, colour coats, primers, topcoats and of course POR 15. Simply mix up paint to be sprayed, pour into glass jar and spray away. The Preval spray unit will spray up to 500mls of paint - or for small jobs, clean with solvent and reuse again another day - a must for all workshops.  Cannister available seperatly


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